Independence 1

Independence 1


Updated: September 2023

Acreage: 470

Partners: Tahoe National Forest, Truckee River Watershed Council

Funders: Sierra Nevada Conservancy


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The Independence 1 project is in the area of Little Truckee Summit, mostly west of Highway 89N. The area has heavily overstocked forests that are highly susceptible to wildfire. Potential wildfire behavior in the untreated stands would be characterized by 5-7 foot flame lengths and expected crown fire, which could result in a catastrophic stand-replacing event. To reduce stand density, improve forest health and reduce the risk of wildfire, the project is reducing high densities of small diameter trees, removing brushy vegetation and surface fuels, and removing continuous ladder fuels throughout the stands.

Treatment began in 2022 and will continue through 2023, followed by prescribed fire.